Thursday, December 3, 2020

A Land On Fire

Today I digress from the usual theme of investing and wealth creation to talk of a land on fire. If an inhabitant of 16-17th Century A D turned up in modern India, I feel they would feel perfectly at ease with the current mood of the country. 

An autocratic power authority that brooks no divergent view like a Mughal Emperor. Everything and anything from judiciary to institutions as an extended arm.

The Treasury centralized with vassal states begging for funds not too different from how the British subjugated the smaller principalities.

A country rife with casteism and bigotry, Although I would say the minority religion with their mullah dependent inflexible outlook is more to blame for giving rise to a "Hindu' right wing that is becoming and sounding more and more like the mad mullahs of middle east.

“Everyone thinks of changing the world, but no one thinks of changing himself.”  Leo Tolstoy.

 And so it is.....blaming everyone and sundry and countless articles saying that there is no hope. I never thought it would be so difficult to let go of religious dogma but that is what it is.

👤Hardly a day goes without some incidence or the other and news that sounds like quakery to me is taken seriously, Sometimes I wonder if the problem lies with me? Instead of being concerned with the lack of economic activity read jobs, ceding hundreds of kilometres of Indian land to a belligerent enemy, crimes against women, woeful education system and many other such 'serious' issues what did the public focus on ....death of a filmstar?

The Indian Caesar who turned national television into a giant Coloseum to feed a few victims to the media lions was brilliant public relations but a sad statement on the Indian mind from a long term perspective.

Also worrying is the the concentration of political and economic power in the hands of a very very small family of unethical businessmen.

I fear for the future of the Indian middleclass. There will be the poor and the very rich!

I fear for the future of education. There will be Ayurveda hakims doing surgery and drinking cow piss! God help the experts! P.S. Nothing wrong with Ayurveda and cow piss!!

I fear for those looking for jobs. Only jobs will be as delivery agents of Amazon,Flipkart etc

I fear most for the state of our mind. The 24 hours of lies and fake news on most Indian TV channels will bankrupt the youth or at best make them unable to distinguish between truth and fiction!

Will the country continue to fool the West as a land of promise or in the next few years the Investors will wake up and desert en masse?

While the glut of liquidity injected by Central Banks all over the world into their economies makes everything look rosy it is difficult to estimate what the future holds. Till then markets will continue to rock but the key question is till when is till then??

Looking Glass: Nifty will top out around 13400. January 2021 will be looking out for a major fall in markets. Opportunity? Only for the brave!!