Monday, February 18, 2019

In Disturbed Times......Do Nothing

The past eight months have not been kind to the equity investor.In fact,one investor showed me returns from his SiP portfolio that he has been running for eighteen months and the returns are negative.

In times of turmoil,eighteen months or two years are but a blink in the eye for markets and it becomes puzzling for those who see no returns to start comparing with Bank Fixed Deposits where they would have still got 7%  pre tax.That mistake is called IMPATIENCE.It has a huge cost.

Churning the portfolio is easy when the investor pressurizes his advisor to show action.Warren Buffet said that investing is like watching paint dry.But does the modern everyday investor care?They want returns and they want 'em every day!!

Hold on.Take a deep breath.Better yet,avoid looking at your stocks or Mutual Funds or whatever.Take a walk,go for a vacation,anything but brood over the red ink dripping all over your well crafted portfolio.As the saying goes its in bad times that we know our friends.

The current situation with the unfortunate attack on CRPF in Kashmir and war talk and Trump in fighting and China trade wars and the mother of all Election battles in India is a fantastic time to build an all weather portfolio.Do not look at returns for the next six months but focus on picking stocks and deploying the Systematic Investment Plan methodology for direct equity as well.

Expect the fruit over the next two years and it will be high alpha.Oil will vacillate between $ 50-70 and commodities will remain depressed on China demand pessimism.

As the years pass I become more and more convinced that success in equity markets is determined more by our emotional quotient(EQ) rather than Intelligence quotient(IQ).Loosing patience,chasing overnight success stories that never fructify,hearsay,rumours.It is far better to invest in low quality stocks(with the caveat that they should be backed by actual business) and to hold on for the long term than to expect 10 baggers in a year!

Contrary to what many think this is the best time to invest.No one will stop eating or going for entertainment be there a war or not.Having a billion strong population helps with the consumerism.These are but small pointers to where you should look to find your next Multibagger.

Let your advisor be a relatioship manager and NOT a sales manager.