Wednesday, July 19, 2017

A Tale of Two Brothers:Losing my Sandy

December 2015.It is a strange but common tale I am about to tell.

Three weeks ago my daughter brought home two stray pups from the road outside.Of a mother dog that survived and scavenged on the streets.We fed them and tucked them in our room at night.In two weeks they developed the curiousity to venture out on the streets.To try anything that looked new.

How important environment is I have learned at this age.They adapted to the TV in the room,the doormat and towels that provided warmth and slept in my daughter's arms.Ate out of a bowl.

In their naivete there was no difference between pampered pets and these survivors.

I have learnt a lesson in attachment.Soon we as a family were worried if they looked sick,if we did not see them for a few hours.Calling up from office to ask after their welfare.

I have learnt a lesson that intelligence and talent is everywhere,even in those whom we disparage.In the curiosity of these two fluffy brothers one a little plump the other a runt we found two lovable rogues with their individual personalities.

There is no cast,no creed,no religion.Just the necessity to survive Life.They have given us such a time,chewing sandals as their teeth developed.Running at each other,mock fighting to develop the skills they would need to live.

And I have learnt the hard lesson that Life is unpredictable.One of the brothers sickened yesterday,did not see him for the night and today my daughter came home crying that our 'chottu'was dead.

This while we were busy as its brother was already sick and we were feeding it with specially bought chicken(my wife is a vegetarian).Sacrifice.

In one day our routine was devasted.How one can love and lose and feel an abyss.All in four weeks.Just shows its not the quantity but the quality of the relations in our life that matter!!

As I write the surviving little pup has eaten a little and drunk some water.It seems a small victory.

Today I know why I have always supported all the 'underdogs' of the world.

Why I have never cared about the rich - poor,insider or outsider.People talk of building legacies and long term views but who knows what tomorrow will bring.

I can but try to understand a microcosmic bit of what Buddha or the other Indian sages have tried to say.Its not difficult to hold on.

Its most difficult to let go.

17th July 2017.The surviving little pup now one year and nine months old just died from jaundice.By the time we realised he had sickened and his usual naughtiness was missing it was too late.

12 days of IV and a host of antibiotics and a tale of doctor negligence latter my Sandy is gone.Gone the verve with which he welcomed us back home from work.Gone the morning biscuits,gone the running like a greyhound from one side of the house to another.
Gone the standing on table and nibble the ear.Gone standing on two paws on the balcony  to see us of to office.

He came into our life as a storm and left as a tempest,coming to us sick and weak and dying of a heart attack quietly on the bed surrounded by his foster family - us.What moments of affection of sheer joy of(especially)for me coming to know through him so many purely humanistic traits - a love of bengali sweets,a love of mutton.

The sense of loss is beyond belief.The house seems empty and I keep expecting him to pop up out of the other routine.Not having to get up on time to cook chicken or fish or mutton for him,his empty food bowl and water container stares at me accusingly.Too young,too full of life to go so suddenly leaving behind the memories of his shadows.

Somewhere up there he waits to be reunited......

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