Tuesday, January 10, 2017

2017:Exciting or Weird But Definitely Not Boring !!

Ten days of the new year are over.Donald Trump is still reacting to every poke.He really needs to strengthen his social media team if he is to react to each and every comment that is thrown at him.

Mr Jaitley the 'shadow' finance minister(real one being a ceratin Mr Modi) is pushing some figures to show that the demonetisation unleashed by his captain has not had any effect on the economy where as the on ground situation is quite alarming with wholesale markets yet to recover from a lack of currency.

The 'Marie Antoinette' moment is complete.

Mr Rahul Gandhi who is trying to convince us as to his ability to lead the Nation decides to take a holiday every 3 months or so.Someone please tell him that leading a country like India aint no childs play !!

Donie Trump is filling up his team with family,friends and probably the most nepotism ever is visible in brazen presentation by the new US president.A man of little geographical - political knowledge let us see if his gambit of wooing Russia away from China will or won't work.

Where are the Leaders in India ?Most are simply falling in line and kissing the feet of the most powerful Indian Prime Minister in recent times.It would be pertinent to not forget that the worst of things are done by the most well intentioned.

Auto sales are down 20%.Agricultural production is down 19%.GDP down to 7.1%.The useless Planning Commission replaced by the more pointless Niti Ayog.Much disappointed by the proclamations of Arvind Panagariya.Just being some chair or the other in some US university does not mean that you understand the issues facing India.

I hear spokespersons for BJP denigrate Manmohan Singh,Amartya Sen .I hope our politicians will have some respect for contrarian views in 2017.

I have real respect for our 'didi' Ms Mamata Banerjee who follows her emotions and supports the views so diligently even when it would be so easy for her to shake hands with the party in power,CBI and ponzi cases notwithstanding.The civic amenities have definitely improved in Bengal and her attempts to promote tourism,handicrafts and small scale industry are commendable.

I hope she remains the fearless,indomitable leader in 2017 that she has always been.

2017 will be an interesting time for Indian markets with many points of news to watch.Fed moves on interest rates.Trump's Wall(or lack of it!!).US move on outsourcing,visas,immigration,ISIS.

GDP and inflation in India.Offcourse good solid businesses will remain and am sure the storm over the removal of Cyrus Mistry(why was he appointed in the first place?) by Tatas will remain a storm in a teacup and a good price point to enter the various businesses of the Tatas.

2017 will be for fearless traders,those with a strong heart and a thick skin....!!

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