Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Personal Tr(i)ump(h) But Future Uncertain...!!

As I write the much reviled Donald Trump sits closest to becoming the next POTUS(President of the United States of America)...!!

How could the polls be so wrong?And WHY?

Being a psephologist seems to have become a bit of a rollercoaster as we saw with many election results in India.

JPMorgan says that a Trump win is more shocking than BREXIT.Carrying on from where I left off the previous post does this signify a change in thinking of people fed up with the sameness of political rhetoric and the same practised lines spoken from different podiums?Maybe.

Does it mean that Americans and the British all want to be left alone in a World fast becoming a small hop skip and jump from each other.Will there be new "Chinese Walls" all across and not just the Mexican border.

All I can say is that there is certainly an unorthodoxy of these amateur politicians in the offing.Prime Minister Modi shocked a nation by wiping of 6 lakh Crore rupees of black money from the system with one single announcement making the Rs 500 and Rs 1000 currency notes non legal tender!

Despite the short term pain Indians will learn to live with it but those mid level businessmen,small time politicians,criminals and sundry would have seen their wealth evaporate and about time too!
A statistic I came across says that majority of the taxes are paid by .77% of the population i.e. the working middle class that gets TDSed(Tax deducted at Source).

Globally we can look forward to high bouts of volatility but I am sure that Trump will try to tone down his abrasiveness and modify a lot of his more exotic proposals,after all he is a famous liar.

I wonder what will happen to all those American citizens who swore to emigrate to Canada?
I wonder who will pay for the Mexican Wall
I wonder if the peso will survive!!

But I do know that the markets are in for an exciting time and if you do not love "VOLATILITY",you are requested to stay away!

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