Monday, June 27, 2016

BREXIT...RREXIT and a Few Other Things

Despite all noises to the contrary the British decided to go back to being an island.

Reams of paper has been written on the repercussions,the erudite Mr Trump has also added his two bits hence nothing more to be said.Its complex and going ahead the complexity of the divorce will increase notwithstanding the regret of young Britishers,the Scots,Irish and the rest.

Its pretty clear that the human civilisation is rapidly coalescing into islands based on trade,nationalism,religion,colour.The ghettoisation is happening at country level.

The integrity of politicians is at an all time low.The ends justify the means.There is no other reason for the president of an Indian party to try and sow fear and divide the two major religions just so that his party can win state elections.In the 21st Century the winners are trying to re-write history.

The British empire was brutal and pillaged our national treasures yet they gave us public administration and the concept of democracy.But why do I feel that we are reverting back to our tribes?The Marathas will not hear any negative noise on Shivaji,the Rajputs on Maharana Pratap etc

Creating a cult round the leader is a singular Indian trait.Starting from Jawaharlal Nehru...Indira....Rajiv....MGR....Jayalalitha...Mamata Banerjee,they are raised on such a pedestal from where it is easier to see them as demigods and less as humans with human foibles and quirks.One N arendra Modi is the latest in a long line.He am sure has a vision for the country beyond his own personal agenda BUT that agenda is very individualistic and party oriented indeed.

Public relations and grandstanding have become an art.Yet the investor should not lose hope!

In 1990 the BSE index was 1,000+.Today it is 26,000+.Quantum of return?

Yet we have had floods,droughts,the Babri Masjid,Rajiv Gandhi's assasination,Harshad Mehta - Ketan Parekh scams,meltdown of the 'Tiger'economies of southeast Asia,the 2008 subprime crisis,the peak in oil prices and finally Brexit.

Picking companies and businesses to invest in is the key.If people buy cars then Maruti,Tatamotors,Mahindra will profit,if they buy bikes or scooters then Bajaj or Hero or Honda.

Sometimes its easy to lose oneself in the complexity of life,be it in the living or investing.Exercise,meditate or do Yoga.take a step back.Events will keep happening and some might seem like the end of the world.Its important to pick up the pieces and keep walking ahead,one step at a time.

“The tragedy of life is not death but what dies inside us while we live.”
—Norman Cousins

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