Friday, April 15, 2016

Talking Heads,Bharat Mata and Drought

While slogging in the bank,we used to takeout our frustration on the 'cushy'lifestyle of those clients who worked at the sundry embassies and consulates at Chanakyapuri.Off work 4pm.A round of golf.A couple of pegs at 6 P.M.India International Centre(or Delhi Club),dinner with celebs and then parties.Five day workweeks.

Next came the executives at top NGOs who sixty years after independence still behave a bit like 'brown sahibs'.I remember helping them to open an account with another bank at Car Nicobar,post the Tsunami and got a closeup view of life at these charitable institutes!

Some such birds seem to have found a haven in the studios of media wallas as I seem to see the same faces,saying the same things at different times of day or night.Are they paid?is it for publicity?How are the panelists selected?Who does the selection?

Can they get Bhogled?

(I bet that's a new one that you haven't heard!!!!!)

The veteran IIM grad turned cricket commentator Harsha Bhogle getting his contracted cancelled at the last minute for not promoting Indian cricketers,as goes the rumour!


We have been having a surfeit of words from all the acharyas,shankracharyas in the woodwork,ministers wanting to re-culturise,re-nationalize the country,change the names of cities to some unprounounable mush BUT forgetting that the nation needs serious work to bring it out of the doldrums.Off course,as per most politicians they have completed their job and the country is doing fine.

Only those like us on the ground,poor fools,dont seem to be able to see any difference in the last couple of years.
Exports         NEGATIVE.
Growth in credit    NEGATIVE
Retail Inflation             UP
Yet one cannot go without saing BHARAT MATA KI JAI....!!

No longer are citizens shocked when politicians are seen accepting money on tape.Seen beating up the very common folk they are voted to protect.This "Laissez Faire" is the truly frightening aspect as we are becoming acceptable of the indiscretions of those in power.

Religion,politics,caste,creed all fail beneath the lack of water and food.While we in the cities have the luxury of turning on a tap(and leave it running),there are people trudging many kilometres to get a few litres of brackish,dirty water.No fodder for their cattle.No crops or food for their children.

All of us need to experience the distress and I fervently urge you the reader to go to the villages of India that are closest to you and experience the living conditions.We are a long way from being a superpower and in many cases even worse than conflict riven countries of saharan Africa.

Its we the people of this Nation who have to get up and do the job.The institutions are bogged down in bureaucracy.Some are still busy figuring out if Netaji is alive(other than his family).

In the meantime,Flyovers fall down on peoples' heads.People die of thirst.Cattle starve.The Prime Minister says the country's reputation has improved under his stewardship,the IPL tamasha carries on.

Is India the Marie Antionette of our times?

"If you don't have bread,eat cake"

I am taking a break from writing about stock markets.After all the rise and fall in the PE or RoI or EPS will not matter to those staring down empty wells and ruined crop fields.

Truly if there is a God up there,a Vishnu or Allah or Jesus......send this country a good Monsoon.