Sunday, December 6, 2015

You Are Your Own Biggest Asset

The winds of change fan across the country.Somehow that has coincided with a surfeit of articles talking of attitudes,failures,Leadership,being cool etc

Reminds me of another quote from Warren Buffett,"You are your own biggest asset".

Somehow we tend to overlook ourselves.Underrate our talent.Overrate competition.Try to go with the herd.

Its like all those lessons we learn as schoolchildren praising honesty,to not lie,to help others and yet believing that such things do not give you an advantage in the real world?Real politik is a hard headed,pragmatic beast.

But is it really so?

Leaders thrive on fear.Setting targets and holding out punishment(monetary or otherwise)if not achieved.So all of all mice start running.Its easy to create fear.Have you met a leader who inspired you to achieve a target?Told you do not be afraid to fail?I would love to hear such stories...

Then I read a quote by Dan Reeves,"Difficulties in Life are intended to make us better
                                                           Not bitter"
The fires burn all over,in Syria,in Turkey,Libya while Paris tries to rise like the proverbial Phoenix from the aftermath of deadly shootings.Technology tries to steal blue collar jobs,crude price fall brings economic misery to the Middle East.

Its not as if the troubled times are something new.Right from the middle ages there have been wars,epidemics etc but never has change been occurring faster than it has in the last decade.

With myriad forces pulling in all directions and one small misstep leading to major repercussions....it is all the more imperative to BELIEVE that its possible to face all the issues and emerge unscathed.

To be not afraid to lose.But hate to lose!

No one does motivational quotes better than Richard Branson but  this time I will not repeat his.Each of us needs to find their own level of satisfaction and find the lever that pulls them in the direction they want to go.

"Je suis Paris,London,California......"