Tuesday, November 10, 2015

Festival of Lights...2015

As the sounds of crackers going off reaches a crescendo on diwali eve the BJP and its undisputed 'sardar',Mr Narendra Modi have lost the election in Bihar.Rancourous,foul tempered campaign from the party and leader that we least expected it from.

That is the thing about life,logical,rational people behaving as if they had just landed from Mars.After this show and the events of the last one year leads me to believe 2 characteristics about Mr Modi

1.He has this fascination to be accoladed and be approbated by the USA(there was a time when made    in USA was synonymous with quality and being perfect) and all things american

2.He is a rigid,religious man with little sense of humour who has picked on this theme that he feels
   will resonate with the public and King of dryspeak.

He might not have the fiery oratory of Vajpayee,the warmness of Advani but I did expect him to have original thought.The visible evidence is very thin on the ground.

Do the 'Hindutva'hawks control him or is it vice versa?
What is Modinomics definition of REFORMS?

What is Modinomics?How much did he develop Gujarat or was it in the Gujarati psyche?

Is building a cult around yourself,banning everything,suppressing dissent,avoiding commenting on controversial issues the way to lead a nation of One Billion people?

At this time I only have questions.The economy will take care of itself.The people will forget.But the global tailwinds(read low crude prices)wasted by this Government have become a legend