Sunday, September 7, 2014

Al Qaida And The Rise of Fundamentalism:Why Islam wants another Salahaddin!

The World was supposed to be a more mature,peaceful place but any 'time traveller' from the 11th Century visiting in 2014 might make the mistake that people were still in the 'Dark Ages'.In many ways things seem much worse.

Civilization on its long journey has turned an old page into anarchy,war and distrust.Fishermen who lost their fishing grounds to Japanese and Korean hi-tech trawlers turned to piracy until it has become a billion dollar industry of the coast of Somalia.The very independent country in Africa apptly named Liberia is fighting an internicine war,so is Rwanda,Ethiopia,Congo,Burundi.The Sarahan people are rebelling,the Boko Haram in northern Nigeria is out of control.

Artificial boundaries drawn by a departing British Raj are crumbling in Iraq,Syria,Jordan and Lebanon/Israel.Egypt has this uneasy quiet.

From an Arab Spring that swept away most dictators in North Africa to the Middle East it is slowly but surely turning into an 'Islamic Winter'.

The myriad politicians who used the crutch of religion to rein in a hungry,powerless population will pay the price as the generations with nothing but their religious pride try to take new territory.Historically,Islam has been propagated at the point of the sword ever since its rise from the sands of Arabia.Hindus,Buddhists who converted in the 9th Century in south Asia still carry remnants of their pre-islamic roots in a lot of cultural traditions and after more than a 1000 years the style of preaching it remains unchanged.

We may be in the 21st Century but the strategy remains the same-just see the example of poor Yazidizis in Iraq.Forced conversion to Hindus in Pakistan.The ban by Chinese authorities in Uigher province.

What the West forgets is that Islam remains a warlike religion that has no respect for secularism or democracy.That is where the real disconnect with Democratic Nations lies.No amount of aid or support can change that.The Afghan peshmerga took American support to oust Russians then turned the American provided SAMs on their backers.

So President Obama's hesitation is beyond comprehension.Is he waiting for another 9/11?Or is public opinion so important that they do not feel compelled to attack the Islamic State(IS) until the US or UK is attacked.I see so much similarity to this Western apathy with the rise of Hitler.Not until Hitler's panzer divisions rolled over Poland,Austria and almost reach Belgium did the Allies come out with a coherent battle plan.

With America's "Cautioner-in-Chief" dithering,the IS is rolling over poorly trained and poorly equipped armies of Iraq and Syria.They might be at the shores of the Dead Sea soon!

The markets flush with liquidity and strong Manufacting data from the US are at their life highs from the S&P Index to the Nifty.The prospect of oil production issues from Iraq and Libya seem far away,yet there will come a time to see what happens when China begins to expand again some time in FY 15-16.

Militant Wahhabism is a major threat.between Bagdadi,the self declared "Caliph",Al-Zawahiri,successor to Bin Laden and the Haqqanis,its a real toss up as to who wants to be the new Salahaddin.Spectacular attacks on the streets of London,Rome,Chicago a la Mumbai are on the cards.

Jihad is the newest billion-dollar industry.They use social media with intelligence and a focussed purpose that shows a deeper professionalism never before glimpsed in any terrorist group.Like it or not the 21st century is going to remain a violent place.