Thursday, June 12, 2014

In Which Direction Will India Walk For The Next Five Years...

What is more important....Strategy or Innovation?

Strategy shows ways in which to manage resources to achieve maximum productivity,achieve end user results,cutting down the spread between what is required and what gets achieved.


Without Innovation,from ancient to modern,is what has and what will drive Societies through new products,more efficient products that reduce greenhouse gases,saves our forests,controls ozone and a thousand other critical fillups.The oftquoted invention of the Wheel,engines,electricity...

Management can teach strategy but not innovation.Sometimes no learning is the best learning.My angst against the various IIMs is simply that I see kids taking huge amounts of tuition for entry because simply the tag of being an IIM MBA ensures an easy life.The focus should be on the IITs or similar institutions.

Heartening to hear the Prime Minister's speech in Parliament,though a bit long in hyperbole,it was impressive to note the stress on "Skill Development".A much misused term,almost every Government has at some time or the other made positive noises but none has had a plan in place to actually make it happen.

Rather than "quotas","reservations" and other retrograde thinking,it would certainly tranform India if most could sharpen or access inherent skills or at least come within striking distance of achieving it.

Like it or not,the Indian education system is very big on theory and less importance is placed on practicals.I went to school many decades back but what littel I see of my daughter at school shows me that not much has changed.

So to quote another hugely overused management term-OUT OF THE BOX THINKING,if this team of Ministers can seriously focus and make some forward movement then it will surely be a paradigm shift as whole systems that have worked since Britania ruled the waves....will be forced to think and maybe a Nation that has plenty of quantity will also have the same of Quality.

To be truly competitive on a global scale - quality education and entreprenuers who are not afraid to fail are a nation's treasure!