Thursday, May 15, 2014

Historic Mandate to Govern by the People of India

Today when I stood on the trading floor at 8:30AM there was an electricity around the office.An anticipation.A buzz.A fear.

Coalition or 3rd front or would a single mandate for One party?

And how have the people of India answered the deluge of scams,scandals and sheer brazen impunity which which corruption was carried on.Today is a historic day.A day of hope.But also a day when a huge amount of responsibility has fallen on a single Leader of a singular party.Will he be man enough to claw back the growth?Push back the inflation?sweep corruption from public office?

When at 9AM the results started trickling in and all those who had bought anticipating an NDA majority started booking profits,those too timid to risk it yesterday began to try and make some gains of the moment,the noise rose to a crescendo and with a clear picture emerging and Markets settling into their life highs a gradual simmering of emotions and tense nerves loosening.It feels like the passing of a tornado...!!

Narendra Modi has done what even the great Atal Behari Vajpayee could not.In India's first televised,packaged and MBA grade marketed elections,the BJP has shown the power of 'social media' and the lengths to which planning and preparation with a high level of attention to perceptions of the people on the ground has paid off.Regional areas like Uttar Pradesh as well as the deep South have surprisingly voted the saffron party.

Is is the coming of age of the Indian voter?Will he or she look at governance and the bigger picture rather than look out for freebies or simple jingoistic rants...?Certainly its too early to say but it does look so.Media -both print,television and social has raised awareness about issues,about the need to vote to such levels that the FB generation felt shamed not to be seen with the indelible ink on their finger!

Now let us hope that the majority party that is to form the Government understand what is in store.Simple economics and making sure that the country have enough food,water,jobs and public services.

A good begining,but a long road to go...Amen

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