Saturday, January 11, 2014

Et tu Brutus...eh Anna?

The hand that rocks the cradle?

An amazing number of  so called 'experts' are emerging out of the woodwork to predict what the Indian political scenario will look like in 2014.

An even higher number of those who underestimated the Aam Aadmi Party and scoffed at everything from the AAP 'topi' to the broom symbol have suddenly begun overestimating its potential providing immediate work for myriad psephologists,analysts,poll surveyors etc

All well and good when employment is generated for the country.What a revelation these last few months have been!What started as a social movement morphed into a political wave that swept Delhi.Having been a Delhite for some years I well know the cynisicm and business minded nature and to troop out in such numbers and vote a party which had only one campaign plank - remove Corruption,speaks volumes of the Nation's frustration with mealy mouthed politicials promising the moon at election time...!!

I do not know whether this wave will reach the shore or sweep the nation clean.Already the jostling,pushing and shoving has begun in right earnest.Personally I am not shocked that a certain 'Big Brother'(Anna) who started all this anti-corruption bit and shied away from taking the step taken by Kejriwal and now feeling left out and out of the glare of the cameras feels drawn to a particular party that had its chief involved in corrupt business practises.If not corrupt then shady to say the least.

Just shows that being a 'Gandhian' and a simple person is no guarantor of the lure of power.Disappointing.There are many grand old men in India clinging to power.Sharad Power.Virbhadra Singh.Mulayam Singh.Their machievallian tactics just as relevant in 2014.Their claim of doing goodness,their tribal loyalties.

Is this what India wants?

If I discount the surveys that predict 40%+ voters going for the new party and accept 20-25% as a more realistic figure,it still is enough to roil figures.

Narendra bhai Modi has run such a defensive campaign so far.....just taking on the lightweight Gandhi without elucidating what he can do for the Country.

Afterall India does not simply comprise of Gujarat...!

Businessmen must be worried or they may be confident of their financial muscle managing to keep them afloat whatever the dispensation.

The betrayal of Anna hurts.The opaqueness of BJP is surprising.Anything less than a full majority for BJP will be negative.

As the sloganeering begins....

Modi toh majboori hai
Kejriwal Zaroori hai.

Modi is the choice as there is no alternative.
Its Kejriwal thatz necessary!

pardon the literal translation.

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