Tuesday, October 1, 2013


The legendary son of King Shantanu and uncle of both the Kauravas and Pandavas from the epic Mahabharat.
A man who took his vow very seriously,immensely knowledgable and blessed with long life.He once fought and bested his guru Parasuram,a great archer.His original name was Devavratha but came to be known after the bhishana pratigya-TERRIBLE OATH to remain out of running to become the King.
Why the lesson in Indian mytholgy?
Dr Manmohan Singh has striking similarities to Bhisma.A trained economist who fought the closed Nehruvian-socialistic economic policies and won for it capitalistic freedom and now finds himself redundant in a political free for all.All pay lip service and call him their leader but each group tries to win its share of power.
He has remained stoic while Pakistani forces beheaded Indian soldiers on the LOC.China came halfway into Ladakh,the CAD shot up to its highest level in two decades,GDP fell to a decade low,exports dried up,onion prices went up 300%,the opposition called him everything short of an epithet and even that!
He has remained stoic.What does this man think?
Without a shred of doubt he has led this Country marvellously and with dignity.Yet the sell by date seems over.His loyalty to his team has left him ridiculed.The suave Montek Ahluwalia is a pale shadow and probably mentally retired from the Planning Commission.Other than excuses he has not contributed anything.Pawar as Agri minister is too busy nursing his constituency in Maharashtra and his pet sugar lobby to bother about the price rise of food products especially vegetables and legumes.
The Home minister keeps putting his foot in his mouth.The ex-telecom minister just secured bail for allegedly favouring licences!!The list just goes on.
The young scions of former politicians talk well but that's about it.Not one has the guts to step forward and do the right thing without having an eye on some vote bank or the other.
Never has the Leadership cupboard looked so bare in 60 years of Independence.The ethics,honesty,trustworthiness.Gone.Gone in the face of expedience.This time in 2014 the choice will be between the frying pan and the fire!
The choice is between an authoritarian politician with a professional PR machine and a 3rd rate team and the incumbent would be heir without experience of Governance.Those who have read my blog so far will I hope understand why I am not bullish about the post 2014 market.Yes the industrialists and some part of the media have already anointed the successor and I am sure they will get their shylockian due.
Bring me the Atal Bihari Vajpayee of the 80s with his theme...
Na Har se na Jeet se
kinchit nahi bhaybheet mein
Sangarsh path per jo Mila
yeh bhi sahi
Woh bhi sahi
Even a Nehru would do with his sheer passion for the Nation,his conciliatory style.
My main fear of a Modi win is his attitude of trying to steamroll  dissent will lead to an outpouring of frustration which will lead to conflagration if any attempt is made for a fascistic suppression?
Today on the eve of another birthday of the supposed 'Father of the Nation',I say again.India is an idea.It is the feeling that makes us Indians.If that is lost then the Nation is lost.
Sar Zameen-e-Hind par
asfag e alam ae Firaq
Kafile baste gai
Hindusthan banta gaya
Even politician indulges either the Hindus or Muslims or businessmen or some votebank or the other.Quota,Reservation - anything that gets an extra vote.All morality has been lost to the vote.
India remains a Utopia.Bapu are you watching?