Saturday, September 22, 2012

Politics with Economics...

Finally the Prime Minister had to come on television and tell the way it is with the Indian economy right now.

Such is politics that these squabbling politicos cannot rise above their pettiness even for the Country's sake.The FDI in retails is for cities with a population density above 10 lacs and for those states that approve an inflow.The biggest proble is the lack of investment in cold storage chains,distribution networks which is de rigeur for the new players in retail.I feel that this will g a long way in increasing the efficiency of the farming sector and break the stranglehold of wholesalers who have established their patterns for centuries.

The 'Made in India' label once derided for poor quality is now making headway in the international markets,apparently the opening up of the economy has not wiped it out which is the main argument given by these political types!

The pervasive system in india is to offer freebies,reservation etc in return for votes.Why cannot we strengthen our education system to provide competent education to those below poverty line rather than try to give them rice at Rs 2?(in most cases it doesnt even reach those who need it the most)

The UP Politician who has desire to become prime minister has enough disproportionate assets and other cases and this person is supposed to stamp out corruption??I shudder at the  prospect of the Mayawatis and Mulayams becoming holders of national mandate.Where is the tradition of Pandit Nehru,Shri Rajendra Prasad,Lal Bahadur Shastri or a Jay Prakash Narayan.Has our country stopped producing selfless Leaders?

The irony is not lost when a Chief Minister of an intellectual state has a person arrested for making a cartoon of her and then she talks of democrasy...!!But then such is the time that we are forced to look towards this class of people to lead the Country out of a morass.