Thursday, December 29, 2011


A Government made up of lawyers is arguing like a flock of birds while the country's governance goes to ground.A fear of accountability hangs like a shroud over our politicians and its ironic to see these champions of democrasy cower at the thought of opening up their accounts and personal finances to the public.

I have not been a big supporter of Anna Hazare yet am veering round to the view that without a shock our system will not move forward.The economy grew at 8% even without FDI in retail so we shall survive,what will not encourage investments is the huge list of pending projects across the country,the lack of direction in checking the huge wastage in the production to consumption  cycle etc

Giving reservation to tribals,muslims and sundry will not ensure advancement.Scheduled castes were given a 20% advantage in academic performance in which their marks were considered to be at par even when 20% lower.How many academics or administrators has it produced?

Giving subsidies has been the most visible and straight line method for the Government so that it can "show" what its doing for the people.Why do we Indians never see the long term benefits?As i write the Indian cricket team has collapsed against the aussies in melbourne,somehow it was always expected that they would not be able to measure up.

I hope the country as a whole can show a collective 'backbone' in 2012 and rather than try to make a circus be it in going green....a small matter of mixing 20% bio-fuel with diesel has not been agreed to by the Government and the oil marketing countries have a monopoly and all the bio-fuel can only to sold to them directly.The saving to the exchequer may be 3000 crore or less but the cost to the environment is immeasurable!

Haldia port is almost silted up,nothing being done.West Bengal is the only state in India that has snow clad mountains,sand beaches,India's largest river flowing through it,yet where is tourism?I once wrote a blog where i wished to see yachts in the Hooghly.I am sure that will remain a pipedream in 2012.

The roads have craters as big as those on the moon,so where are we after 60 years of Independence.Yet I have HOPE.Yet too I do not want this country to grow as per China model which does not care for cultural identities and the destruction of the environment.I do not think we could survive such a path.

Why think the Sky is the limit....when there are footprints on the Moon.

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