Thursday, September 1, 2011

Military Economics:India and the Rest

So the rebels are on the verge of Sirte,the last Gaddhafi stronghold,yet the urbal warfare that will surely follow will be chaotic,crazy and with no guarantee of end results.Speaking of which reminds me that the one army with almost half a century of tackling urban warfare,be it in deserts,mountains or tropical forest areas,cities and the outback-The Indian Army,is yet to have a written war code.The few officers I spoke to either were not aware or its really top secret.

The US army fighting in Iraq,Afghanistan has shown how many casualties can occur even in the face of overwhelming firepower.Their contacts with the Indian army have resulted in join exercises but no serious effort at the kind of "hearts and minds' campaign run in Kashmir or even in Nagaland,Mizoram and Assam.

Yet our politicians have not shown the desire to use the Army as an economic tool.My friends who have served in the UNPROFOR(UN Peace Keeping Force)just reckon that we do not take on social projects unlike the Chinese army and are content just being policemen.

The Chinese do not even have a decent air-carrier and in the next 3 years are incapable of even landing their infantry across the Strait on Taiwan,so poor is their Naval capacity.Yet they push into Africa and the middle east and are slowly encircling India with spy stations in Burma,Sri Lanka and pakistan.

I for one am all for an agressive expansion policy where Indian foreign policy initiatives should have a mobile strike force capable of reaching any part of the world in 72 hours.Having seen the China border in Sikkim and interacted with the 1/4 Gorkha,1/6 Dogra,293 field Artillery,63 mountain Brigade....I know how poor the basic infrastructure of the average jawan is.Snow boots are only for those on duty and with special permission.Yet man for man our jawans are the best in the business and they overcome these issues through sheer courage and perseverance.

Securing Natural Resources in the future is a battle that will involve corporates and nations and we cannot be a superpower unless our share is safe!Those guarding are borders have a close involment with the stock markts and it will only get more pronounced.

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