Tuesday, August 16, 2011

Blinkered Government Powerless Prime Minister

The circus that has happened in the last couple of days regarding Anna Hazare and the movement on corruption shows a government that seems to be speaking in a babel and acting like a thug.Corruption touches us in India at every stage of our Lives,which starts with the municipal clerk asking for a bribe to hand over a birth certificate to more severe cases.

Most of us seem to take it in our stride and have become deadened to its insidious presence.How many ministers are there against whom some case of intimidation or thuggery is not registered?They exploit the loophole of not being convicted to carry on and riding in cars with a red beacon seems to give them the right to do as they please.

I am glad that its taken a freedom fighter to show that we should awaken our conscience if we are to make this country great again.To make this country what it aspires to be.To make this country a lodestar for its citizens.

In a country where an Olympic shooter wining a medal is given 10 million,the soldiers that guard our borders and who die in the line of duty,their families are on the verge of starvation.Shame!

In a country where a Khudiram Bose was hung by the British for rebelling,today kids call each other a "Khudiram" in case they get caught doing something stupid!Shame!

Either we elect the role models to parliament who will remember the ethics that we so readily give up,be it in a queue or in a school admission or we  need to give a lesson to those who matter that this is not a police state.It is a democracy and the freedom of expression is enshrined in the constititution.

I think Mahatma Gandhi taught Indians the civil disobedience movement just a little too well.The British left but the Indian public refuses to obey general rules as seen when they cross roads or spit or litter anywhere they feel and forget that the public parks etc belong to all of us,throwing the rubbish out of your house into the street will simply blow it back into your own space but I have seen this being done just once too often.

Corruption was always there,hidden underneath the surface of society,just that now its out in the open.The lines from the Bhagwat Gita....".Whatever happened was good...whatever will happen in the future will be good....we came here with nothing and we shall leave with nothing."

After countless millenium,it still rings True.

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