Thursday, July 7, 2011

House Cleaning in Indian Politics

Dear Reader do not say that you did not know that Murli Deora was close to the House of Ambani?The Marans did not armtwist those who stood in their way,not just them but a lot of Indian business families."The Polyester Prince"by Hamish Mcdonald will make interesting reading for those interested.

Every day the sun rises on a new minister facing news of corruption enquiries etc etc,Its not as if corruption never existed in India before the 21st Century!

I say its good,let us clean our house and admit that some people do get carried away by power.What disturbs me is the fact that the powerful IAS officers rarely face any look in although they are the true originators of most policy decisions and the ministers mostly a rubber stamp that changes every few years.

Let us be an open society,have respect for women and stress on charity thats genuine a la Narayan Murthy or Shiv Nadar.The corporate sector will be all the more global and attuned to the requirements.

Green energy along with food security is a theme I keep thinking about.It will be important to have clean energy as also uncontaminated food.Suzlon Energy,Indowind,Jain Irrigation all have the potential to be multi baggers.

You will remember my buy call on SBI when it was 2130,today the scrip is 2500 when the Chairman of SBI has turned bullish on his company and feels that it will be in the fortune 100.Easy for me to say,"I told you so!!!"

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