Monday, May 2, 2011

Uncle Sam, the Osama Obsession and a Pandora's Box...

So Osama Bin Laden is dead and the US rejoices as they should.10 years of manhunt and a few billion later the USA finds him in the heart of Paki country and not the Tora Bora or other mountain fastness.American Technology wins the day!

I feel strongly that a Pandora's box has been opened yesterday and the biggest reason for believing that is despite huge rewards there was no HUMINT(human intelligence) about Bin Laden.So the Al Qaida brotherhood held its secret and there was no betrayer.It suggests a deep seated hatred/fear of the anti-islam factions despite all the conciliatory noises made by them.

ELINT(electronic intelligence) with the pilotless drones,spy satellites etc can provide critical pointers but its the lack of  inside news on the ground that leads to strategic battle wins.The Soviets controlled Kabul but their lack of support in the countryside meant they did not control the night.Even the Spetznatz and their Hind gunships could not do the long range patrols necessary to keep out the opposition strike corps.

I hope that the terrorists have been disabled but Bin Laden at best had become a figurehead and a lot of the Al Qaida thinktank sits in shadowy Yemen and even Saudi Arabia.Either the US Army takes them down or we will hear the reveberations of yesterday for the years to come..

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