Friday, May 13, 2011

Ratan Tata behind Mamata Sweep in Bengal?

Had the Tata's not decided to start the Nano manufacturing in Singur,Bengal and the Left Front's ham handed approach,Mamata Banerjee would not have got an opportunity to do 'dharnas' and resurrect a fading  movement.

The thing about real leaders is that they persevere.Almost three decaded after she came to prominence in 1984 she has finally managed to overthrow the Left.I saw her getting lathi-charged at Esplanade in 1989 and the strength of the woman was amazing then as it is now.Then she was alone and i guess she has not forgotten that even amidst the sea of humanity that surrounded her after the win yesterday.

A Salute and a long hard road ahead.....a bankrupt state,poor infrastructure and crony capitalism,the signs are bad but all in ingredients for a fairytale story are present,the cost is a once mighty State's turnaround.If only she can walk the talk now!

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