Thursday, April 21, 2011

Earning Season-Sectors to Watch

As the quarterly and annual results of Corporate India await entry into the public domain,I presume this season will be fundamentally different from the last couple of years.

Investors have given the "go by" to the Cement sector along with Infrastructure which till last year was a "hot" investment segment.Comodity&raw material prices have risen by almost 30% and especially for India the hike in coal prices is a major infaltionary factor.As a contrarian I would be interested in investing in:-
  1. Cement
  2. Fertilizer stocks
  3. Agro based(excluding Sugar)
  4. Alcholic spirits
No 4 I have put on the list as every city i travel to I have seen ques in front of the so called expensive FL(Foreign Liquor) Official Shops!
When you invest, whether it's in stocks, bonds, gold or mutual funds, you're betting the value of the asset will be more in the future than what you paid for it.

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