Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Nostradamus is laughing...

What a year so far...the fires burning in the Middle East,highest recorded eathquake in Japanese History,the Palestinian issue simmering,US bogged down in Iraq&Afghanistan,Europe in financial pain,Africa no closer to losing dictators

Is this the way the world was supposed to end???As famously said,"Not with a bang but with a whimper".Seems to me that its all bang-bang out there!

India is facing rising fuel rates,FIIs withdrawal,falling agricultural output and governance issues.But still where in the world will you get 7-8% growth,consumer driven economy and a stable democracy.A good monsoon,some push for infrastructure and a general rise in US GDP,already in Feb Indian exports have grown by 25%,could pull up the export driven sector.

One small example,bitter gourd that we used to hate eating as children as they were bitter as well as the cheapest vegetables around have risen by 500% in half a decade as even these are being exported to the Middle East.With better preservation facilities and less wastage food inflation might not be as big a devil as thought.

I am an optimist and feel that the 1st half of FY11-12 might be surprisingly positive and we might yet snatch that shadow of a smile from Nostradamus.

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