Thursday, March 10, 2011

Beyond the Sands...Carpe Diem!

The events in Libya once again demonstrate how easy it is to get bogged down.And also the fact that Robert Frost was not only a poet but a visionary.There are always forks in the road and there is always a road less travelled!

If tonight the no fly zone is enforced and the battle comes to a conclusive end and as reportedly Kuwait has asked for an expeditionary force to end the impasse we shall see crude at sub $100

If Gaddafi's troops continue to bomb Marsa al brega,Ajdabiya and the oil terminals dotting the surroundings then a spike up to $115+ will be a huge drag on the GDP of India,Pakistan,Thailand,Vietnam,Korea(TIPVK)and affect growth by almost 200 basis points.

Moreover an uneasy silence hangs over Riyadh and Teheran and this time no news is bad news.How will the markets react?The Indian ones are trading in a edgy range.Any guesses about next week?

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