Thursday, February 17, 2011


A 100 years from today we will look back on these days and  remmeber that a Revolution took place that diminished the violent agitations of the 20th Century in its sheer reach,size and lack of orchestrated bloodshed.I talk of Tunisia,Egypt and now Bahrain.Yemen?Libya?.....Iran?
A new country South Sudan will be born too.

Virtue cannot separate itself from reality without becoming a principle of evil-Albert Camus

For the marketing gurus it would be interesting to study how the tools of mass communication can drive the thought process of millions in a single direction at a single point of time in history!What social networking sites and the internet have done no esoteric experiments in psychic management  or mind mapping has been able to achieve!

Why cannot the same energy be turned to packaging and selling products?There is a shift coming-science will move from simply the technology development platform to a tool to read the human psyology.Then truly will science become an Art.
So Revolutions lead to many roads-from improving the leadership,infrastructure,employment opportunities to  more diverse/mundane thoughts on manupulating our "wants"

As usual I finish the day before the sea, sumptuous this evening beneath the moon, which writes Arab symbols with phosphorescent streaks on the slow swells. There is no end to the sky and the waters. How well they accompany sadness

P.S.So now you all know I am an Albert Camus fan!

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