Tuesday, February 8, 2011


The cricket world cup starts in mid February.India is cricket mad.Cricket in India is big money!

If we add all the dots it leads to theconclusion that this 1 month long fiesta of cricket will enrich quite a few companies that stand to gain from millions of minutes both soundbytes,visual as well as the written word.And that does not mean simply the journalists or television hosts or even the players.

How will the investors play this World Cup?Along with the cricket follow the below mentioned scrips as they 'play' on the bourses.

Print,Direct-To-Home(DTH),Radio to gain whereas multiplexes and movies will be net negatively affected.I would put a BUY on the following:-

Deccan Chronicle(cmp 84)
Jagran Prakashan(cmp 117)
HT Media(cmp 149)

So let us see the results after a month....not the Ides of March methinks

P.S.One bet that I reccomended that has gone horribly wrong is Koutons.When I spoke to the top management whom I have known for some time I did not fathom the depth of financial strangulation they faced neither the paucity of ideas to save their stakeholders.

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