Thursday, November 25, 2010

Recap-excellent returns and some bullseyes!

Of all the things said by me:-

Sujana Tower gave an 65% return
SKS Micro touched the rate on the downside as I had mentioned and questioned the ratiionale of investing in this sector
Am sure my views will be borne out on GM IPO
Artillery shelling on the Korean border was a black swan event,maybe some North Korean general asking for food for his soldiers?
The Irish bent a knee to ask for a bailout
Despite all I still dont sense any panic in the markets nor a heavy dose of pessimism that's required for markets to go up from current levels.
I watched "The Social Network",I think Food Security & drinking water will be big issues in the coming future and a bottle of evian might just be more priceless than you think
India need to innovate and science needs to move out of college labs...

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