Thursday, November 11, 2010

Currencies,forex,cars and food

Just rambling thoughts in a world that ocillates between hope and despair.Is the dollar getting weak or strong?Will Ireland go the Greek way?Will emerging markets move up further...

The only hope is not to hope for hope.Buy 10 year bonds at 8% and hope that the inflation stays moves below 5% and you might be in bond heaven.Or buy quality stories that can grow.

I do not predict how technologies will change over the next decade but I do know that as per our biology our need for food and drink will not change,a walmart,dunkin donuts or Burger King will be required to satiate the urge for "comfort food".

Hindlever,ITC in foods
Bhel,Larsen&Toubro in capital goods
Powergrid,Power Finance Corporation for a power hungry India
Apollo Tyres as all those millions of marutis,hondas,nissans,GMs cant run on air!yet!

Multi bagger smallcaps I shall discuss later as I am confused on the plethora of options available.If a 10% correction happens then is the time to do your value investing.

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