Monday, September 13, 2010

VC "Super Angels":Filling a funding Gap or killing the next Google

I was reading this interesting article,which I have chiosen as a headline,it made me think why the visisonary leaders of India's top tech firms aint rushing to buy or invest in US cos that could make a difference to telecom,computing,transactional banking in the future.

The Hubris that pervaded the US behemoths in the last decade and led to the charge of Chindia is creating an uncannily similar mindset.The capital costs of investment are low especially in the 'original' silicon valley and if one goes by the patents being issued  and the engineers rushing for US visas it looks like staying thataways for some time.

Are our management "gurus" looking so far ahead that they are in danger of missing the immediate present...!!If some Hedge Fund out in the financial galactic system is listening....look homeward!!

Those whoo bought Supreme Ind can rejoice with a 10% monthly return,the target of 1000 remains.

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