Tuesday, September 21, 2010

The Heart of India

I was travelling in the rural hinterland of Souther India last week,the fields were a deep shade of green with a new crop of rice,the coconut trees were heavy with fruit,even the roads were drivable,the people did not look sullen and i realised that contra to what I thought the heart of India has made progress albeit a lil slower than expected.

That set me thinking...the farming heartland is still the final frontier to delivering goods and services and companies viz.ITC have started E-Choupals(a concept I shall explain later) etc ,even the Government is looking to make this sizable community of voters get on their favourable side,SO,the firms that manufacture tractors,pipes for irrigation have a ready market...??Mahindra&Mahindra,Jain Irrigation,Welspun Corp...the list of such specialists is long,unfashionable but a worthy investment for the future...

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