Wednesday, September 15, 2010

Chinese Riddle

Many years ago I was in Sikkim at the Indo-China border at Nathula and commented on the dilapidated condition of the roads on what was once the famous Silk Route from the Tajik borders to India,a senior army officer stunned me by saying that the roads had been kept in such condition intentionally in case the Chinese invaded,blowing up one road would prevent them from reaching the Gangetic plains and thence to Calcutta.

Why i mention this story is the constant feeling that the dragon's sabre rattling with Taiwan,the muzzling of Tibet as well as Yahoo-Google story shows a multi dimension to the Chinese approach to business,diplomacy and war.How can any analyst predict what they will do next?

Stories aboud of rivers full of industrial waste....workers without basic wages herded into ghettos etc Look at the crooked lanes of old Shangai but offcourse the "gwai-loh" are not allowed to visit.All said I am a great fan of Chinese perceverence,hardwork and their desire to control the environment in which they live.

But give me the Indian democrasy anyday with its bumbling,confused,multicoloured rainbow of cultures,communities and ideas!My family is from the Punjab,I was born in Calcutta and I am currently sitting in Chennai(Madras).Guess i should stick to the country I (think) I understand.


  1. Ya, I agree.They are different.I live in UK which is so diverse.I have met and kived with chinese guys for 4 months.I have collegues in office who are from China.
    They are quite friendly in nature,ya they are more disciplened and may be little inward too.The only way to knowthem best is to learn their language, get that first hand info...u will never go wrong from there..
    Plus one thing you may not have noticed they are very individualistic compared to us.

  2. what one does not realise is the cultural difference in China,just the way we have punjabis,bengalis etc a sochow chinese is different fr the Han or the Uigher