Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Episode KP and some...

Today I had an interesting experience....an old client/investor withdrew his money because i bought Nifty 50 calls in his account although the "whole world knew" that the market was going to fall.For your information the Indian markets recovered after tanking in the morning.

Two lessons,even old lions aint immune from assumption and this market has an infinite capacity to surprise!Difficult in such time to resist the urge to rub the client's nose in the "I told you so" synodrome but all it succeeds in doing i driving him into an even more irritating defence.

Another incident,another client who had held a particular stock(OMDC) for 16years,bought for Rupees twenty thousand,relisted on the BSE for rupees twenty two thousand each driven to rupees forty four thousand per share.Advised sell the client's greediness made him hold and his networth fell from rupees 12 million to rupees 8 million from last friday to today,tuesday as its been on a selling freeze!

Sometimes the difference between the stockmarket and the Zoo aint apparent...!!

Sunday, August 29, 2010

How the US an Europe can benefit by outsourcing from India

From an early age we learn to compete,you know limited resources and unlimited competition..our schoolkids carry the heaviest load of books to school,they do maths from the time they are 3yrs old and the scary thing is that the Chinese are just doing it earlier.The "coolies"mentality got them into the 21st century and they just dont want to let go.

In the next 5years India will be needing psychiatrists,stress coaches,relaxation experts and all of you out there in the West will get the opportunity for $100 an hour sessions as India will not know how to handle the stress.So a huge opportunity to outsource and reverse the "callcentre" process from the west into India...!!

Those who came and joined the :Hare Krishna" movement will now see Indian techies moving to the US,UK,Europe to rest,recuperate or find solace and the Swiss Alps or the Italian lakes will be the new Himalayas...

Tuesday, August 24, 2010


The symbol of piety to millions of the Hindu faith ,a hated symbol of racial segregation to others,that is the feeling amoungst investors in the India of 2010. Despite the chaotic democracy there is a lot of promise in the physical and mental resources of The Indian.The secret of why we are and how we are will be told at a later stage.I am a member of the "Indian Middleclass" which till long was supposed to be a myth.